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What is the name of the business or product? Do you want it in Arabic or English, and is there a Slogan example and is its presence important logo?
Will the focus be on the Arab or foreign side in the name of the business or the two cases, and do you prefer a specific way of showing the text and arranging the Arab and foreign part of it?
Which logo do you prefer? Icon or code only text only code + text?
What is the idea of ​​your project or company, and what purpose do you want to achieve through the logo?
Where or country will the logo be published? Is it locally or will it be expanded outside the country or not already connected to the place?
What are the competing companies, or similar work, whether foreign or Arab? If possible links to their slogans or websites?
What is the target group? Age - physical - interests that concern them, or in other words the target audience for this project?
Attach links to images you like. Arab or foreign.
What effect or message do you want to leave in the viewer? For example, luxury and high cost, or vitality and activity, for example, or something else you think?
Do you tend to have a particular style of logo and identity? (Formal - traditional - modern - modern - simple - complex - carrying hidden idea
Do you prefer certain colors? Or certain forms that I must adhere to in the logo design?
Do you have a certain idea in implementing the logo you want to implement or the designers of freedom of creativity?
Logo usage is it? For Internet only? Print only? Videos only?
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